Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last One

I have been a part of many organizations on campus, but I never realized how many different economic ideas are functioning within them. I have learned much from the course, starting with the insurance models to a more in depth look at the Prisoner's Dilemma. I also found the discussion of the ways that managers lead their team based on model 1 and 2 very interesting. It made me realize why sometimes I do not get along with my managers and gave me an insight to both sides of thinking on this issue. 

I did enjoy that there was a significant math aspect to the course despite it being challenging. I do think though that maybe we did not spend enough time on those concepts as the exam scores reflect this fact. The equations were sometimes difficult to comprehend so it made it harder to study them on my own. I think blogging in this class was a good idea. I also think that it would be beneficial if we spent more class time on discussing the ideas we expressed in our blogs. At the beginning of the semester, we seemed to be doing that more often and towards the end, we did not really discuss the posts anymore.  

I also enjoyed that we often had class discussions and participation was encouraged. As a senior, I am very much used to having just pure lectures so this was refreshing to have a class based on discussion. Overall, I enjoyed the course, thank you for being our teacher.

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  1. Do I gather from the post title that you won't blog after the course is over? Undoubtedly you are right about the math and no lingering on it enough so it becomes more familiar to you. Doing that better will be my primary goal the next time I teach the course.